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Bushnell Golf Range Finder Comparisons

The big news for 2015 in the Bushnell golf rangefinder lineup is the addition of the Bushnell Tour X rangefinder which has interchangeable faceplates allowing for tournament legal play with the black faceplate attached and access to non tournament features like Slope when the red faceplate is attached. The addition of the Tour X gives Bushnell fans a total of eight golf rangefinders to choose from.

Bushnell Rangefinder Comparison 1

Model Bushnell
Tour X
Pro X7 Slope
Tour V3 Slope
Estimated Price $499 $499 $399 $369
Magnification 6x 7x 5x 5x
Display Dual VDT LCD LCD
Max. Flag 450 yards 550 yards 350 yards 400 yards
Tourament Legal Yes* No Yes No
Slope Yes* Yes No Yes
Jolt Yes Yes No Yes
Battery CR-2 CR-123 Internal CR-2
Warranty 2 year 2 year 1 Year 2 Year




NEW - Bushnell Tour X

Bushnell Tour x Golf Rangefinder-  Black Faceplate for Tournament Legal Play


- Red Faceplate Activates True Distance Slope


- Dual Display Colors -Pick Red or Black


- E.S.P. 2 processing for faster more accurate readings


- Online Average - $499


The Tour X is only one of two rangefinders we are aware of that is both tournament legal while having non tournament features that can accessed by attaching a different faceplate; the Leupold GX4i2 being the other. Essentially, the Slope feature gives true horizontal distance which is not allowed during tournament play; therefore when used in tournament play a black faceplate is attached to disable the Slope capabilities; while a red faceplate both activates and clearly lets others players know that the unit is using the non tournament function. Also, unique and new to the Tour X is what Bushnell is calling Dual Display Technology which allows the user to select either a red or black display readout according to preference or available light. The unit also features the E.S.P. 2 processor and has Pinseeker with Jolt for improved flag targeting.

Bushnell Pro X7 Slope

Bushnell Pro X7 Slope Golf Rangefinder- Ranges Flag up to 550 yards


- Large flat design for stability


- 7x maginification for precise targeting


- Waterproof


- Online Average - $499


The Pro X7 Slope has a maximum range on highly reflective large targets of out to one mile (1760 yards), and is listed as able to read a flag at 550 yards. Why do you need to read a flag at 550 yards? Well you probably don't unless you hit a really bad shot; however, manufactures ratings are under ideal conditions, good lighting and stable rest. So this extra horsepower allows for more first attempt readings when conditions aren't ideal which is often. Even with the large horizontal housing, a solid stance, and a good two handed grip; the 7x magnification can be hard for some to hold still. Fortunately this unit has a tripod mount which can be used to attach the rangefinder to a cart or bag for increased stability. Note: The Slope mode which gives angle compensated readings cannot be turned off on this model so if you want to use this model for tournament play look at the standard Pro X7 version.


Bushnell Hybrid

Bushnell Hybrid GPS Golf Rangefinder- Rangefinder + Golf GPS


- No Subscription Needed


- Tournament Legal


- Weighs 8oz


- Online Average - $399


There are some golfers that prefer a GPS over a rangefinder when golfing, and they do both have their advantages and disadvantages. The Bushnell Hybrid combines both into one compact unit that is legal for tournament play, and requires no subscrption for the GPS. So what you mainly gain with this version is the GPS's ability to get a distance to the hole when the flag is not visible because of terrain, or the ability to quickly glance at the unit for a range estimation if time is a becoming a factor. However, you also get the precision of having a rangefinder and the ability to quickly and accurately measure distances to hazards or account for course changes not updated on the GPS. This unit makes a lot of sense for those that play many different courses throughout the year.


Bushnell Tour V3 Slope

Bushnell Tour V3 Slope Golf Rangefinder- Compact Vertical Design for easy carry


- 5x magnification allows for steady hold


- Ranges Flag out to 400 yards


- Pinseeker + Jolt for improved targeting


- Online Average - $369


The Tour V3 Slope is a good all around golf rangefinder and would suit most golfers very well as it is a good combination of price, performance, and capability. The compact vertical design combined with a 5x magnification is one that most golfers will be able to hold steady, while the Pinseeker and Jolt technology help to ensure quick and positive readings. The Slope feature on this model accounts for the angle of the shot giving the horizontal distance to the target. Note: Slope is not legal for tournament play and cannot be disabled on this model; however Bushnell makes this model without Slope for those wishing to use their rangefinder in tournament play.



Bushnell Rangefinder Comparison 2


Model Bushnell
Tour Z6
Pro X7
Tour V3
Estimated Price $399 $399 $299 $249
Magnification 6x 7x 5x 4x
Max. Flag 450 yards 550 yards 400 yards 350 yards
Tournament Legal Yes Yes Yes Yes
Slope No No No No
Jolt Yes Yes Yes No
Battery CR-2 CR-123 CR-2 9-Volt
Warranty 2 Year 2 Year 2 Year 2 Year


Bushnell Tour Z6

Bushnell Tour Z6 Golf Rangefinder- Metal Housing


- E.S.P. 2


- Pinseeker + Jolt


- VDT Red Display


- Online Average - $399


The Tour Z6 is a high end tournament legal rangefinder that is has Bushnell's high end features and technology. The Tour Z6 uses a metal housing that has been rubber coated for protection and enhanced gripping. It comes with the higher end red VDT dislay, and features the E.S.P. 2 processing for faster and more precise readings. There really aren't a lot of other rangefinders out their like the Tour Z6 with only the Leupold GX-3i2 coming to mind as a direct competitor.


Bushnell Pro X7

Bushnell Pro X7- 7x maginification for long range precision targeting


- Large flat design for maximum stability


- Pinseeker with Jolt for positive flag readings


- Tournament Legal


- Online Average - $399


The Pro X7 is a full featured Bushnell golf rangefinder, with the VDT red display readout, Pinseeker with Jolt, and E.S.P. 2 processing. However, this standard version Pro X7 does not have the Slope technology and therefore has been approved for tournament use. So those looking for the high magnification, long distance golf rangefinder should take a look at this model as its wide flat design allows for 7x magnification and the unit is rated to read the flag out to 550 yards, and has a maximum ranging capibility of 1 mile of large highly reflective targets. This unit is also rated as waterproof vs. the rainproof rating found on many other rangefinders.


Bushnell Tour V3

Bushnell Tour V3- Compact and lightweight


- 5x magnification balances performance with stability


- 2 Year Warranty


- Rainproof


- Online Average - $299


Not sure what rangefinder to get? The Bushnell Tour V3 would be a good one to put on your short list. While not loaded with all the high end features of Bushnell's premium models; the Tour V3 is tournament legal, features the Pinseeker with Jolt technology, is compact and lightweight yet forgiving for a vertical style rangefinder do to its slightly lower 5x magnification. Additionally this is probably the most popular golf rangefinder currently on the market and the fact that it sells for under $300 doesn't hurt either as it stacks up very well when compared against competitors models in this price range. Essentially if you want an all around tournament legal rangefinder, with useful extras but not all the premium bells and whistles it would be hard to go wrong with the Bushnell Tour V3.


Bushnell Medalist

Bushnell Medalist Golf Rangefinder- Stable Horizontal Design


- 4x reduces visible shaking


- Essentials capabilities


- Reads Flag out to 350 yards


- Online Average - $249


The Bushnell Medalist has been around for a long time and not without reason. Many people, especially those whose hands aren't as steady as they once were, can have problems holding some of the small higher powered vertical style rangefinders steady enough to reliably hit the flag. The Medalist's larger horizontal design allows for a solid two handed grip; that when combined with the units relatively low 4x magnification gives a sight picture that doesn't appear to jump all over the place when trying to target flag.  



Bushnell Rangefinder Features
Pinseeker: This is Bushnell’s target priority technology that aids in picking out the flag even when against a background of other objects. When the rangefinder picks up more than one object in a single reading it will display the closer of the two objects, which is helpful when trying to range a distant flag with trees or other objects behind it. The unique feature of Pinseeker compared to other target priority systems is that it will let you know when it has received two readings at once by displaying a little flag with a circle around it; this means that displayed reading is the closer of the two ranged objects.
Jolt: Models equipped with Jolt will vibrate briefly to let the user no that the flag has been targeted.
Slope: This feature is used to take the angle of the shot into account whether it is an incline or decline. In this mode the rangefinder will display the actual distance to the flag, the slope of the shot in degrees, and the “Play As” distance. The slope feature is available on the Pro 1600 Slope and Tour V2 Slope editions and is not legal for tournament play.
Tripod Mounts: All current Bushnell golf range finders (except the Tour X) have a built in tripod/accesory mount, which allows for mounting these units to a golf cart for easy carrying, which means you don’t have to make room for a rangefinder in your bag. Another advantage is that they can be mounted on a mono pod Bushnell makes to fit a cart’s umbrella holder for a more steady rest while ranging targets.
Other Common Features: Bushnell golf rangefinders are all capable of reading in either yards or meters, and also feature a scan mode. These rangefinders are all backed with a two year warranty against defects in material and workmanship except the new Hybrid Laser GPS which carries a one year warranty.

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