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Bushnell Bowhunter Chuck Adams Edition

Bowhunter Chuck Adams Edition

Bushnell BowhunterUpdate: This model has been discontinued and replaced by The Truth. The number one complaint of this archery range finder was that many users had trouble getting the unit to give a reading, for some the problem wasn't constant, but enough that it has shaken their confidence in the device. Several users reported receiving defective models that were returned. Another problem encounter by users was that dust would get inside the unit and stick on the inside of the lens after use in the field, obviously not a good situation. There was split opinion on this rangefinder's display screen, some found it easy to read while others struggled to read the numbers. It is worth noting, that in bow mode this unit displays a line of sight yardage reading, an angle to target reading, and an angle compensated yardage reading all at once. On the positive side, yes there was some positive remarks, owner's generally agreed that it was lightweight and designed for bowhunters.


Owner's Manual Highlights
The Bushnell Bowhunter Chuck Adams edition rangefinder does have Bushnell's ARC technology, well at least the Bow mode portion. This unit will give you an angle compensated yardage distance in Bow mode out to 99 yards, and while it has a maximum range of 800 yards, readings from 100 - 800 yards are given in line of sight yardage only and there is no Rifle Mode. The owner manual also states that this is a "Perma Focus monocular" which, if like the Bushnell Sport 450, means that you can't adjust the focus of the unit, so that would be something to take into consideration as well. Also, there is no mention of the Bullseye and Brush modes that are found on higher priced Bushnell rangefinders. The Brush and Bullseye modes allow the user to set the target priority of a rangefinder to aid in getting accurate readings in heavy cover (Brush) or while ranging small targets(Bullseye).


The Bushenll Bowhunter had some early reviews that were mostly negative; however, recent reviews on this model seem to have gotten more positive, perhaps there were some early issues that have since been worked out, or maybe there have been improvements made. There are probably some people out there that own this model and have had no problem at all with it and will swear up and down by it, which is fine; however, there are more proven designs in the archery rangefinder category.


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Bowhunter Specs

Bowhunter Rangefinder
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5.3 oz


L x W x H
3.8 x 1.4 x 2.9


Max Range
800 yds - Reflective
600 yds - Tree
200 yds - Deer


Angle Compensation