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Leupold RX-600 Review

RX-600 The RX 600 is Leupold's entry level rangefinder model and has very few of the features found on their higher end models. The two most common compliments it received in were that it is simple to use and accurate. The next most mentioned positive aspect of this rangefinder was that most reviewers felt that they got a lot of rangefinder for the price. It is worth noting that this is the highest scoring rangefinder in the $200 and under price range. Rounding out the praise from the owners were its good optics, accuracy and compactness. The one negative that showed up a couple time was that some purchasers had difficulty reading the display in low light conditions, which is a common complaint about many rangefinders at virtually every price.


Budget Rangefinder Comparisons


Owner’s Manual:
The RX-600 and RX-750 share the same manual even though the Leupold RX-750 has more features. The Leupold RX-600 rangefinder has a scan feature, allows you to measure in yards or meters and lets the user select from one of three reticle options and that is it. It really is a pretty simple set up compared to the RX -750 which takes up the bulk of the shared owner’s manual.


This is a top notch entry level rangefinder, simple to use, good reviews, and under $200 dollars. This unit is compact, and has a 6x magnification and enough ranging power for most hunting situations, this could make you a good all around rangefinder if you don’t need the added features of some of the higher priced rangefinders. The Leupold RX 600i DNA  and the Redfield Raider 550 are the two stand outs in the budget rangefinder category and either one of these rangefinders would make a great economical rangefinder; click the link above to see which was the editor's choice.

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RX-600 Specs

Leupold RX 600
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Estimated Price


94 out of 100
Based on 23 reviews




6.8 oz


L x W x H:
4.2 x 1.6 x 3.0


Max Range:
600 yds - Reflective
500 yds - Tree
400 yds - Deer


Angle Compensation: