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Zeiss Victory PRF Rangefinder Review

Cumulative Review Score:100(6)

Zeiss PRFAdmittedly, six useful reviews doesn’t put a whole lot of weight behind the score; however, all six reviewsof the Zeiss Victory PRF rangefinder were very positive. Most of these reviewers had owned another long range rangefinder or at least compared the Zeiss range finder to other long distance rangefinders, and all seemed to favor the Zeiss PRF. The two main themes (if you can pick themes from only six reviews) were that this rangefinder had great optics, and that when ranging long distances, users preferred the Victory PRF's method of targeting which ranges targets upon the release of the button instead of the pressing of a button. This method allowed the users to hold the device steadier while ranging, which becomes of greater importance as the distance to the target increases.


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Owner’s Manual
Lots of interesting information in the Zeiss rangefinder owner’s manual. The BIS (Ballistic Information System) has two selection choices either EU ( for holdover in centimeters) or US (for holdover in inches). Then, within the choices you have the option of picking between two sight in distances. For example, in US mode you can pick a ballistic curve chart with a 100 yard sight in or a 200 yard sight in. Either sight in choice has 6 options with which to choose the ballistic curve that most closely matches you rifle. In US mode, holdover information is displayed in inches after the yardage has been displayed. The manual states that these holdover reading are not displayed over 500 meters for safety reasons. This unit can also be set to display yardage only without the holdover information. It is important to note that while reading the manual no mention of an angle compensation feature was mentioned, so the holdover information appears to be based on LOS (Line of Sight) measurements. This model has a scan mode but does not have target priority modes. Also, this model appears to have no tripod mount, which might be of note to some target and varmint shooters. Finally, this Zeiss laser rangefinder has a red LED reticle and its display brightness auto adjusts according the amount of light available.


Despite the small number of useful reviews on the Zeiss PRF rangefinder, it does appear to be a very high quality rangefinder and the ability to display readings on the release of the button is something that makes a lot of sense, especially on a rangefinder that will be used at extreme distances.  The price of this unit, while not cheap, is still several hundred dollars less than the Swarovski which is probably its closest competition. The rangefinder is our current top rated rifle shooting rangefinder and would make an excellent long distance rangefinder.


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Zeiss PRF Specs

Zeiss PRF Rangefinder
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100 out of 100
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10.9 oz


L x W x H
5.1 x 3.9 x 1.9


Max Range
1300 yds - Reflective


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