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Leica Geovid HD BRF | Binocular Rangefinders

The Leica Geovid HD rangefinder binocular series is made up of four models: 8x42, 10x42, 8x56, and 15x56. The eight reviews used in calculating the Cumulative Reviews Score include all models, it turns out there are a shortage of reviews for optics that cost around $2500. The good news is that the Geovid BRF series received high marks on the limited useful reviews that were available. The one common theme among all reviews was these the Geovid's have outstanding optics, many users couldn’t say enough about the quality, clarity, crispness, and brightness of this unit.


Owner’s Manual:
Not much of a read here, the Leica Geovid is essentially a simple binocular rangefinder combo, with about the only additional feature the rangefinder is equipped with is a scan function. No target priority modes, no angle compensation or ballistic features, and no rifle and bow mode. As it’s been said, sometimes less is more. There is quite a difference in size and weight between the smallest 8x42 version and the largest 15x56 version, the most popular size seems to be the 10x42.


Leica Rangefinder Binocular Comparison Chart

Model Geovid 10x42 HD Geovid 15x56 HD* Geovid 8x42 HD Geovid 8x56 HD

Geovid 10x42
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Goevid 15x56
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Geovid 8x42
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Geovid 8x56
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Est. Price $2499 $2999 $2399 $2899
Configuration 10 x 42 15 x 56 8 x 42 8 x 56
Range 1400 yds 1400 yds 1400 yds 1400 yds
FOV 1000 yds 331' 225' 368' 357'
Eye Relief 15.6mm 15.5mm 18mm 18.5mm
Length 6.7" 7.1"** 6.7" 7.1"**
Width 4.9" 5.1" 4.9" 5.1"
Weight 33.3oz 45.9oz 33.5oz 38.8oz
Display Red LED Red LED Red LED Red LED
Battery CR 2 CR 2 CR 2 CR 2

* This is a picture of the 8x56 model.
** On the Leica download sheet the 15x56 is clearly taller than the 8x56, but they are listed as the same height on the Leica data sheet.


While not enough reviews to get a firm feel for all the pros and cons of this device, it is a pretty safe bet to say that these are high end, professional grade binoculars that have a basic feature yet powerful rangefinder built in. Some will view the lack of rangefinder features as a negative while others will enjoy the simplicity of this range finder binocular. The bottom line is there are definitely worse ways to spend $2500; however, the Leica Geovid is probably best utilized by hunting guides, and professional hunters that rely on high quality reliable optics day in and day out.

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