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Zeiss Victory RF Rangefinder Binoculars

The Zeiss Victory RF binoculars series is one of the more extensive rangefinder binocular combo line-ups available, and currently consists of four models. Although these devices are popular, there remain relatively few competitors in this market when compared to both the standard rangefinder and standard binocular markets. However, each player in the binocular rangefinder market brings something unique to the table, below are some of the features that differentiate Zeiss rangefinder binoculars from its competitors.


Key Features

BIS - Ballistic Information system is a group of selectable trajectory charts that can be set to match your bullets flight. This option is available in meters or yards. For American users you first select either the 100 yard or 200 yard zero and then select the one of six ballistic flight paths that most closely matches your setup. Once you select a ballistics group the Zeiss Victory RF will now be able to display holdover information when used. It is important to note that holdover information is only available out to 500 and that this holdover information is calculated from line of sight readings and that the Victory RF cannot make angle compensated readings.


Operation – The Zeiss Victory RF rangefinder is operated by two buttons the ranging button and the set button. The ranging button is unique compared to other rangefinders as it fires upon release. The advantage of being able to fire on release should cause less movement of the rangefinder than pressing the button. While this may seem minor any movement while ranging at extreme distances becomes a major factor in getting a reading. The set button is used to select yards or meters and also to select the appropriate ballistics group.




Display – The display of the Victory RF uses a circle for a reticle (crosshair). So you press down on the range button and a circle appears you put the circle on your target and release the range button and the line of sight yardage in displayed below the circle for a few seconds follow by a hold over measurement in inches if you have selected a yardage ballistic curve from the BIS feature. The circle and range information are all displayed on a red LED display. For a better understanding of how this rangefinder works check out this Zeiss webpage and click the Victory RF Demo, it allows you to basically operate a Zeiss Victory RF by using your mouse as the ranging button, its pretty cool.


Configurations – The Zeiss Victory range finder binocular is currently available in four configurations: 8X45, 10x45, 8x56, and 10x56. However, all models have a maximum range of about 1200 meters or 1300 yards. The 8x45, and 10x45 models compete with models in the Leica Geovid HD-B and Swarovski El Range series. The 8x56 Zeiss competes with a Leica 8x56 model, but the Zeiss 10x56 model enjoys a current lack of direct competition in that configuration.


Zeiss Victory RF Comparison Chart

Model Victory RF 10x45 Victory RF 10x56 Victory RF 8x45 Victory RF 8x56

Zeiss Victory RF 10x45

Zeiss Victory RF 10x56

Zeiss Victory RF 8x45

Zeiss Victory RF 8x56

Est. Price $2799 $3299 $2699 $3199
Configuration 10x45 10x56 8x45 8x56
Range 1300 yds 1300 yds 1300 yds 1300 yds
FOV 1000 yds 330' 330' 375' 345'
Eye Relief 15.5mm 16mm 15.5mm 17mm
Length 6.6" 7.5" 6.6" 7.7"
Width 5.3" 5.5" 5.3" 5.5"
Weight 35oz 40.6oz 35oz 40.1oz
Display Red LED Red LED Red LED Red LED
Battery CR 2 CR 2 CR 2 CR 2


Magnesium & LotuTech - A notable features of the Zeiss Victory RF is that it is has a magnesium housing to help keep the weight of the unit down and also for durability. Another feature worth mentioning is that these rangefinder binoculars are coated with the well known Zeiss LotuTec coating which is found one it other high end sporting optics. The LotuTech keeps water off then lenses and helps keep other debris of sticking to them as well.


Conclusion – Zeiss makes great optics, and while the Zeiss PRF monocular rangefinders and the Zeiss Conquest riflescopes are thought of as outstanding bargains in the optics world; the Zeiss Victory RF, at between $2700 and $3000, still may be a good deal it will probably never be considered an amazing bargain. However, Zeiss didn’t intend for the Victory RF to be in everyone’s hunting pack, it was made for the serious hardcore guide or hunter.


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