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Bushnell Pro 1m Slope and Tournament Editions

Pro 1M TournamentThe Bushnell Pro 1M Slope and Tournament edition rangefinders are newest additions to the popular Bushnell golf rangefinder family; apparently they are replacing the Pro 1600 models. The new Pro 1M range finders have received upgraded parts and technology but still utilize several popular features from the Pro 1600 series.


What’s New
Range – These new models gets an upgrade in the range department now capable of a max range of 1760 yards (1 mile) and a max range on the flag of 500-550 yards(manual says 500 yards on flag, Bushnell website says 550 yards on flag). Regardless the important stat here is that it is rated at least 100 yards further on flag ranging than its predecessor the Pro 1600 which was rated to 400 yards on reading the flag.


Display - The Bushnell 1M is equipped with an updated display that features Bushnell’s Vivid Display technology. This new display is red in color and the intensity of the display brightness can be manually adjusted to one of four options to best match the lighting conditions you are playing in. So the take away in this comparison is that the Bushnell Pro 1M rangefinders use an adjustable red display while the Pro 1600 series used a standard non adjustable black display.


Housing – While the Bushnell Pro 1M series has exterior dimensions that are basically identical to the Pro 1600 series, the lines of the Pro 1M are smoother and the unit itself is more colorful with a black, white and red color scheme that seems more visually appealing than the Pro 1600 which is mainly black with a little white trim.


Battery & Door - The battery door of the Bushnell Pro 1M models is now a thread in model that accommodates a CR123 battery, whereas the Bushnell Pro 1600 had a hinge style door that provided access to its 9 volt battery. While the battery type has changed, probably the more important aspect is that the battery access door has been modified.  This is of note because the only complaint that surfaced with any frequency about either the Pro 1600 or Pro 1600 slope models were that the battery doors on some units would come open unintentionally while in use.


Power Boost – While this appears on the Bushnell website no mention of it was found in the manual. Their website states that better circuitry of these models results in longer battery life. While this sounds a little bit hyped up, not saying it isn’t true just that you don’t need to create a term to say better battery life. However, it does bring up an important aspect, while laser rangefinders are optics they are also electronics, and new, improved, and more efficient technologies are constantly being developed and integrated into rangefinders.


What’s the Same?
Pinseeker – Bushnell golf rangefinders gained the wide following they have thanks in no small part to their Pinseeker technology. Pinseeker is a technology that helps the rangefinder pick up the flag against a crowded background. So when the rangefinder gets a split reading the closer of the two objects is displayed, in golf this is especially important as there are often trees, building, or other objects behind the flag, which is a pretty small target to start with. Basically Pinseeker is a very useful feature to have and it would have been shocking not to see this on a new Bushnell golf rangefinder.


Slope & Tournament – Like the Bushnell Pro 1600 the new Pro 1M series is offered in both a Slope and non Slope version. Bushnell’s Slope technology takes into account the angle of the shot and gives the user a play as distance which can be very useful information to the golfer; however models with angle compensation features like this are not legal for tournament play; so Bushnell offers the Pro 1M Slope for those who would like take advantage of this play as feature, and the Pro 1M for those that want a tournament legal golf rangefinder.


Tripod Mount – Like all current Bushnell golf rangefinders these rangefinders feature tripod mounts (now being called an accessory mount). The accessory mount allows you to attached the Pro 1M rangefinder to a monopod which you can then place into the umbrella holder on your cart; this provides a stable platform to range from if you are having trouble getting readings at long ranges while holding the range finder off hand.


Miscellaneous – Like the Pro 1600’s; the Pro 1M range finders also feature a two year limited warranty and are capable of ranging targets in either yards or meters.  Both models are waterproof and feature the Bushnell Rainguard HD lens coating to aid in viewing when in rainy or foggy conditions. Finally the Pro 1M retains the +/- 2 diopter adjustment of the previous version for focusing the optics.


ProsPro 1M Slope Edition
Increased range – No not the one mile maximum, but the extra 100 yards on ranging the flag should prove useful. Yeah, yeah how often are you ranging a flag at 500 or 550 yards? Keep in mind these are maximums, and more power often means more first attempt readings at closer ranges, something to factor in if time becomes an issue during the round.


Design – Not that it matters, but the Pro 1M just plain looks cool; okay so maybe it matters a little. As mentioned earlier the real bonus here is that by switching battery types or deliberately redesigning the model the battery door issues that some users experienced on Pro 1600 models should be cured.


Proven Design – While there are a significant amount of differences between the Pro 1M and Pro 1600 series it wouldn’t be beyond reason to say that the Pro 1M is an updated and upgraded version of the Pro 1600. Therefore, the Pro 1M isn’t a proven design yet but is solidly based on one, and did address the one reported weakness of the Pro 1600, the battery door.


Price – As with almost all new golf rangefinders the price will initially be high and availability will be an issue at first. Currently many online retailers have the Bushnell Pro 1M Slope priced at $599 and the standard Pro 1M at $499. So expect to pay full price until they become widely available, alternatively bargain hunters might look at the Pro 1600’s models which are currently selling for about $200 less than their Pro 1M counterparts.


Manual – While a bunch of redundant filler material and advertising in a manual is never a good thing, Bushnell almost went the other route on the Pro 1M manual which is pretty bare bones. While basic and good enough, some areas could have been expanded on a bit.




Bushnell has a pretty good hold on the golf rangefinder market and appears to be looking to solidify their lead with the new Pro 1M series. The Bushnell Pro 1M golf rangefinders have the distict advantage of being able to use the latest technology, while building on the proven design of the Pro 1600 series. Current prices will be a concern for many, and for those that don’t have an issue with the price tag then availability will likely be an issue.


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Pro 1M Specs

Bushnell Pro 1M
Buy Now

Estimated Price
$599 - Slope Edition

$499 - Tournament






12 oz


L x W x H
5.1 x 3.7 x 1.7


Range Flag
500 yds


Angle Compensation

Pro 1M Slope - YES

Pro 1M Tour - NO