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Leupold GX-2 Review

Cumulative Review Score: 89(11)

GX-2 with TGRThe Leupold GX-2 rangefinder is an updated/upgraded version of the Leupold GX-II. While the two units are pretty much the same, the newer version adds a fog mode, and prism lock feature to its checklist. Also, this new Leupold range finder has a different colored housing than the original GX-II version, and also has little golf ball style dimples in the top gripping surface. Since both units are similar reviews and comments for both of these units were used in evaluating the Leupold GX2.


Owner's Manual
The owner's manual for the Leupold GX-2, while well put together, is a bit of a read. This device has not shortage of features. Probably most noteworthy, this device contains Leupold's TGR (True Golf Range). While explaining all the bells and whistles of this feature alone would take a small lecture, lets just say that it is a highly customizable feature that can factor, temperature, altitude, and even suggest a club based on an average player or based on your personal information if you take the time to program it. As mentioned above the GX-2 also features a prism lock feature, which will actually beep when it locks onto a prism topped flag. The GX-2 also has a fog mode, for playing in those less than ideal conditions. Furthermore, this unit lets you select from seven individual reticle (crosshair) options. This also weighs under 7 oz and is a compact 4" x 1.5" x 2.75."


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The GX-2 from Leupold is a highly customizable golf rangefinder that is capable of making some pretty advanced calculations. The Leupold GX-2 is probably the best fit for an avid golfer who is very serious about improving his/her game. Most weekend warriors will probably find the enormous amount of options and features intimidating and unnecessary for the casual monthly trip to the course.


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GX-2 Specs

Leupold GX-2
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6.8 oz


L x W x H
4" x 1.5" x 2.7"


Range Flag
350 yds


True Golf Range