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Bushnell DX Scout 1000 - An Updated Classic

Scout DX 1000 Black RangefinderThe Scout 1000 ARC was a long time contender for top dual purpose rangefinder; however, its design was several years old and in need of an upgrade to keep up with the competition. Enter the new Bushnell Scout DX 1000 and while the name changed only slightly, many features were altered considerably often borrowing heavily from Bushnell’s premier G-Force 1300 rangefinder line.


G-Force 1300 Similarities
The Scout DX 1000 shares the same housing style as the G-Force 1300 series and has the same external dimensions; however the Scout housing is made from plastic instead of the metal housing found on the G-Force model. Both models do have rubber armoring for a better gripping surface in wet conditions.


While the original Scout 1000 was equipped with Bushnell’s ARC (Angle Range Compensation) technology, and had both the “BOW” and “Rifle” modes it didn’t have all the sub features available within the ARC program as the G-Force 1300 did. The new Scout DX 1000 now includes those features such as the VSI (variable sight in) option that lets the shooter choose from one of four different sight in distances. Also, the Rifle mode now includes holdover information in MIL, and MOA in addition to inches and centimeters.


The new DX Scout 1000 also shares the 6x magnification and 21mm objective that is found on the G-Force models, which is a change in configuration from the previous version Scout 1000 which had 5x magnification and a 24mm objective. Interestingly enough, the original 5x24mm version is listed as having a field of view of 376 feet at 1000 yards, while the new 6x21 is rated as having 393ft at 1000 yards. Therefore the new model has both more power and a wider coverage area than the old model.


This new Bushnell Scout model also received the ESP (Extreme Speed and Precision) technology found on the G-Force 1300 models. The ESP processor allows the new Scout DX models to read faster and with greater accuracy that the original models. The new models are capable of half yard accuracy out to one hundred and twenty five yards and displays distance in tenth yard increments out to that range. After 125 yards the reading are accurate to plus or minus 1 yard like the original.



Scout 1000 ARC Heritage
Black LCD
Despite the being similar in many ways to the G-Force 1300 in both function and look, the new DX Scout 1000 features a black LCD display similar to the original version, as opposed to the new red LCD Bushnell used on the G-Force models which they call Vivid Display Technology.


Target Priority
Like the previous version, the new DX Scout comes with both first and last target priority modes known as Bullseye and Brush modes. The Bullseye mode allows users to set the unit to report the closer of two objects when the rangefinder receives a split reading. The Brush mode is just the opposite, and allows the user to set the unit to report the farthest object when two objects are detected on a single reading.


Despite the many upgrades to the new model Scout, it still has the overall ranging capabilities with 1000 yard being listed as the maximum range on reflective targets under good conditions. 650 yards is the distance ratings for objects like trees and the unit is rated as capable of ranging deer out to 325 yards; obviously these numbers depend on lighting conditions, target surfaces, etc. However, the main take away is that the overall expected distances in each category are no different on the new version than on the old version. Keep in mind the speed at which these reading are acquired and the accuracy inside of 125 yards have been improved.


The new model DX Scout also kept a pretty long list of features from the prior version that are worth mentioning but are pretty self explanatory so we will just list them here.

  • Adjustable Diopter
  • Two Year Limited Warranty
  • Tripod Mount
  • 10 Ballistic Charts (8-rifle + 2-muzzleloader/shotgun)
  • CR2 3 Volt Battery



Pros and Cons
New Features Same Price
Despite the new housing design, ESP technology, and the full features of the ARC mode; the new DX Scout 1000 are priced the same as the original with the black model going for $299 and the camo version going for about $30 more. So despite the updates the end cost stayed the same as the original.


More Magnification + More F.O.V.
As mentioned the new version DX Scout got not only an increase in magnification which is important on a dual purpose rangefinder that will be used for rifle hunting, but also got an increased field of view which is a factor that will be appreciated when the unit is being used for bow hunting.


Ranging Performance
Despite all its upgrades and updates, the new DX Scout is still only rated for 650 on trees and 325 yards on deer, which we find a little disappointing for a 1000 yard rangefinder. While there is no hard and fast rule about what a rangefinder should read deer at we generally like to see half the maximum distance, so for a 1000 yard rangefinder reading a deer at 500 yards.


No Horizontal Rifle Range
Like all Bushnell rangefinders, actual horizontal distance in yards is only available in “Bow” mode out to a maximum range of 99 yards. No horizontal distance is given in rifle mode, only angle compensated holdover information in inches, cm, Mils, or MOA. Many hunters and shooters prefer to simply have the angle compensate yardage which this rangefinder does not provide.



The original Scout was a huge success for Bushnell but it was due for an upgrade; the new Bushnell Scout DX 1000 is a solid mix of the newer G-Force 1300 model and the original Scout 1000 ARC model. Those looking for a dual use rangefinder and can live without angle compensated yardage in rifle mode, would probably be well served with this updated version. 




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DX Scout 1000

Bushnell DX Scout 1000 ARC
Buy Now

Estimated Price

$299 Black

$329 Camo



Black - LCD






8 oz


L x W x H

4" x 1.3" x 2.9"


Max Range

1000 yds - Reflective

650 yds - Tree

325 yds - Deer


Angle Compensation

Bow to 99 yds

Rifle Mode - Holdover Info