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Newcon Optik LRM 2200SI

Newcon Optik LRM 2200SI Laser RangefinderWhile not as well known as some other models, the Newcon Optik LRM 2200SI laser rangefinder brings some unique features to those looking for an affordable extreme distance rangefinder. But how does it stack up to the competition from more well known brands?


The Newcon Optik LRM 2200SI is a horizontal style rangefinder that features a 7x magnification and is rated, as the name implies, for ranging out to 2200 meters which translates to a max range of 2405 yards. Speaking of which the unit can measure distance in either yards or meters and reports these measurements on its black LCD display. Next, this unit features two reticle options and three target priority settings. Finally, this Newcon rangefinder is powered by a non magnetic 9 volt lithium battery and comes with a 1 year limited warranty from the purchase date.



Like most flat (horizontal style) rangefinders, the Newcon 2200SI is fairly large when compared to the more common vertical style rangefinders which have evolved into micro compact devices. However, this larger design allows horizontal style rangefinders to be held with both hands which is a plus when trying to hold these higher magnification rangefinders still while ranging targets at extreme distances. On the same note, this unit is equipped with a ¼ socket on the bottom of the housing for mounting to a tripod for maximum stability. Like many rangefinders, the Newcon 2200SI is equipped with a power/fire button, Newcon calls this button “action”, which is used for ranging; as well as a mode button that is used to program the unit.



The Newcon 2200SI is equipped with a 7x magnification and a black LCD screen and for aiming purposes the user can choose between an open crosshair style reticle or a square box reticle. Ranges are reported below the reticle followed by the selected unit of measurement, either “y” for yards or “m” for meters. Above the reticle is a “ready” icon which lets the user know the rangefinder is out of programming mode and ready to take a measurement. Also, above the reticle is a “target reflection” icon which will report either low, med, or high to let the user know how reliable the reading was, with “high” being the most desirable result. Finally, the display is equipped with a low battery icon that will appear when the battery falls below certain power level to alert the user it is time to start thinking about replacing the battery.


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Features and Setup
In a nutshell this a military style rangefinder and is capable of doing a lot, yet much of its abilities won’t commonly be used by hunters or long range shooters. For example, this rangefinder is capable of measuring the speed of an object, and has a built in compass. However, the Newcon 2200SI is equipped with target priority settings and a scan mode both of which are commonly used when hunting and shooting. Also useful for hunting and shooting are the option to select between two different reticles and to have the unit return the angle of the shot which can be entered into a ballistic device when calculating firing solutions.  Very long story short, you get the unit setup to display the info you want in the way you want by using the two buttons on top of the unit; then after this initial setup is done operation works like most other rangefinders. Pressing and releasing the "action" button once ranges a target, while pressing and holding the "action" button puts the unit in scan mode and the range is updated as you move from target to target.



The Newcon comes with three target priority settings which they call first, last, and auto; and while maybe not a must have on a rangefinder of this style it is nice to be able to program the unit to handle split readings reading how you want. For example when ranging through cover the last target priority helps ignore brush and obstacles between the user and target. Also, a nice touch is the ability to select either a crosshair or square reticle as sometimes one option is preferable to the other depending on target size. Next, the ability to mount this unit on a tripod is nice as holding a rangefinder steady is key to getting the most ranging capability out of a unit like this. Finally, ranging power is important in a rangefinder of this style and the 2200 meter maximum range this unit is rated for puts it towards the high end of comparable models; however like all rangefinders actual distances the unit can read depend on a number of factors like lighting conditions, weather, target size, etc.



One thing that caught are attention right away was the use of a 9 volt lithium battery followed by the words non magnetic; turns out because this unit is equipped with a compass it uses a non magnetic battery to avoid interference. The bad news is factory Newcon batteries currently sell for $30-$35 online; however, the included battery should get you several thousand measurements and there may be cheaper replacements available. Also, of note is that while the unit can provide the angle of the shot it is not capable of giving angle compensated readings in yards or meters; so keep that in mind. Finally, even when compared to horizontal style rangefinders, the Newcon 2200SI is both large and somewhat heavy, granted we are still talking about relatively compact devices and a total weight of around a pound.



Basically the Newcon LRM 2200SI is a military style rangefinder that can also be used for hunting and long range shooting applications. Whether or not it is a good rangefinder choice for you will depend greatly on what you will be using it for and what information you want to get from it. Those using Kestrels might want to look at something like the Bushnell CONX which connects with certain model Kestrels, while those manually entering data into a smartphone or ballistic device might prefer the ranging power of the Newcon 2200SI; still others looking for a rangefinder to provide complete firing solutions might be better served by a Gunwerks G7 BR2 if their budget allows.  So take some time to decide how you will be using your rangefinder and what information you want to get from it before making a decision.



Ultimately the Newcon 2200 SI provides a good option to consider for those looking at long distance rangefinders. The price to performance ratio seems favorable for the Newcon 2200SI assuming it provides you with the data you need for your particular shooting style and application. We see this as being a good option for long range shooters who are using a ballistics calculator or smartphone app to calculate their firing solutions. Currently the price of the Newcon 2200SI is around $840 online.




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LRM 2200SI Specs

Newcon 2200SI
Buy Now


Estimated Price


LCD - Black




15.9 oz


L x W x H
5" x 4.9" x 2.4"


Max. Range
2405 yds - Reflective


Min. Range
11 yds


Units of Measure
Yards or Meters


Angle Compensation
Yes - Angle Only


Target Priority
First, Last, Auto


1 Year Limited


9 Volt Lithium
(non magnetic)


Tripod Mount


Beam Divergence
2.0 mrad