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Simmons Volt 600 Rangefinder

Simmons Volt 600 with TiltSimmons is brand known for providing value priced sporting optics; and they are the choice of many hunters and shooters who are on a tight budget or simply don’t need models with a lot of high end features. The Simmons Volt 600 rangefinders are no exception, they are a basic no frills and low cost series. However, Simmons has decided to include one angle compensated model in their line for those that need that feature.

Key Information

Tilt Intelligence
The biggest news in the Simmons rangefinder line up is the inclusion of a new Volt 600 Tilt model. Tilt Intelligence is their version of angle compensation, which gives you the true horizontal distance to the target. This angle compensated yardage is displayed below the line of sight distance number. These true horizontal distances are displayed for targets that are 99 yards or closer after which only line of sight yardage is available.

9 Volt Battery
Unlike most current production rangefinders which use a 3 volt CR2 lithium style battery, the Simmons Volt 600 series rangefinders use a common 9 Volt alkaline battery (not included). While the 9 volt battery is more common and less expensive it is larger and heavier that the newer style CR2 batteries.

Vertical Design
Despite utilizing a 9 volt battery the Volt 600’s are vertical style rangefinders; which are lighter and more compact than most horizontal (flat) style rangefinders. However, they do fall at the larger end of the vertical style rangefinders measuring over four inches long, almost two inches wide, and just over three and a half inches tall. These rangefinders are still lightweight though, tipping the scales at less than eight ounces.

4x Magnification
These Simmons rangefinders are among only a couple models available from any manufacturer that are available in 4x magnification. Low magnification can be beneficial for those who hunt at close ranges like archery hunters or who have a difficult time holding higher magnification models steady while ranging off hand. However, as the distance increases out past several hundred yards precision targeting begins to suffer.

The Volt 600 models can be set to return distance in yards or meters which is about the only feature these units have besides the model equipped with Tilt Intelligence which can display angle compensated readings. There is no scan mode, no target priority, no reticle selections, and no adjustable diopter (eyepiece).

Black LCD Display
The Volt 600 series rangefinders feature a black LCD display and utilizes a box style reticle for targeting. When the unit is firing the laser for ranging diagonal hash marks will extend along the corners of the reticle to let you know the unit’s laser is currently active. The distance reading will then display on the screen for thirty seconds. Standard display on left, Tilt model display with angle compensated distance on right.

Simmons Volt Tilt

The Good
Tilt Intelligence
Angle compensation is one feature that is almost always left out on a budget rangefinder series, and is a feature important to many hunters especially treestand bowhunters. These bowhunters often shoot at extreme angles where the difference of a few yards between line of sight distance and actual true horizontal distance can be make a difference between and hit and a miss.

Many hunters are priced out of other rangefinder models because of the vast number of features and options available on most rangefinders. These Simmons Volt rangefinders are targeted at hunters and shooters who want an affordable rangefinder and don’t need all the bells and whistles of higher end models.

The Volt 600 series has one a relatively uncluttered display which is the upside of a simple no frills rangefinder. The unit has a reticle, a battery level indicator, and then displays the yardage below the reticle. (Tilt models also display angle compensated yardage below line of sight yardage). There are no angle of the shot measured in degrees, no bow or rifle icons, and no target priority icons displayed on the screen as is the case with most rangefinders.

The Bad
Despite being a 600 yard rangefinder; Simmons states to expect reading trees out to 400 yards, and reading deer out to 200 yards. Ranging a deer at two hundred yards isn’t all that impressive for a laser rangefinder and sometimes manufactures are even a little optimistic about these numbers.

Lack of Features
The lack of modes and options will cause many hunters and shooters to look for another model of rangefinder. However, this is kind of a double edge sword because if the Volt 600 had all the features commonly found on other rangefinders it would undoubtedly be priced similar to those models as well.

The Simmons Volt 600 models differentiate themselves from other models by offering a basic rangefinder at a lower price than most of their competitors. However, its low magnification and relatively short ranging ability make it a noticeable tradeoff from higher powered longer ranging budget rangefinders.

Volt 600 Tilt
The Simmons Volt 600 Tilt version is a bright spot in the line up and should do well with those looking for a budget archery rangefinder. Here the unit’s relatively short ranging ability isn’t a concern and its lower magnification is actually a benefit as field of view is more important than precision targeting at these closer ranges. Top that off with its ability to give true horizontal distance and low cost (currently under $150) and it should do very well with the bowhunting crowd.




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Volt 600 Specs

Simmons Volt Camo Model
Buy Now


Estimated Price
$149 - Tilt Model
$139 - Camo
$115 - Black


Black LCD




7.7 oz


L x W x H
4.2" x 1.9" x 3.6"


Max Range
600 yds - Reflective
400 yds - Tree
200 yds - Deer 


Angle Compensation
Yes - Tilt Model to 99 yds
No - Standard Models