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Vortex Ranger, Cooperhead, & Impact Rangefinders - 2019

The Vortex laser rangefinder line now consists of three different lines which are the Ranger, Cooperhead, and Impact. The Ranger 1800 & Ranger 1300 as well as the Cooperhead 1500 rangefinders make up the premium side of the Vortex lineup featuring red OLED displays and 1000+ yard ranging capabilities; while the Impact 850 offers shooters a more budget friendly option while still retaining some higher end features such as angle compensated readings and a waterproof housing


Vortex Ranger 1800


Vortex Ranger 1800- Red OLED Display


- Deer out to 900 Yards


- HCD - Angle Compensation


- Reversible Carry Clip


- Online Average $429


The Ranger 1800 is now Vortex's premium model replacing the popular Ranger 1500 model. The main difference between the two being an increase in ranging power for the Ranger 1800 as the result of an improved laser and processor. Vortex is listing the max range as 1800 yards for highly reflective targets and out to 900 yards on deer. The Ranger 1800 comes with a red OLED display that has three manually adjustable intensity settings the user can optimize to the amount of available light. Also, while the unit does ship with a carrying case, this unit also come with a carry clip that can be attached directly to either side of the rangefinder housing allowing it to be clipped directly to a belt or pocket. Finally, the Ranger 1800 has Vortex's HCD (Horizontal Component Distance) which is their version of true horizontal distance which compensates for the angle of the shot.




Vortex Rangefinder Comparison Chart

Model Vortex




Picture Vortex Ranger 1800 Rangefinder
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Vortex Cooperhead 1500 Rangefinder
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Vortex Ranger 1300 Ranger
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Vortex Impact Rangefinder
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Estimated Price $429 $349 $299 $199
Display Red - OLED Red - OLED Red - OLED Black - LCD
Magification 6x 6x 6x 6x
Weight 7.7 oz 7.7 oz 7.7 oz 5.5 oz
Range - Max 1800 yds 1500 yds 1300 yds 850 yds
Range - Deer 900 yds 750 yds 600 yds 400 yds
Angle Compensation Yes Yes Yes Yes



Vortex Cooperhead 1500


Vortex Cooperhead 1500- Red OLED Display


- Deer out to 750 yards


- HCD - Angle Compensation


- Scan Mode


- Online Average $349



Remember how we said the Ranger 1800 replaced the Ranger 1500 rangefinder in the Vortex line; well it did .... sort of. The Cooperhead 1500 for practical purposes appears to be a Ranger 1500 with a black paint job, and falls between the Ranger 1800 and Ranger 1300 in the lineup performance, capability, and price wise. So other than the color difference, the Cooperhead 1500 just fills in the pretty narrow gap between the current model Ranger rangefinders. Therefore, you can expect all the features commonly found on the Ranger models such as tripod mount, carry clip, HCD angle compensated measurements, ranges in yards or meters, and a waterproof design.



Vortex Ranger 1300


Vortex Ranger 1300- Red OLED Display


- Deer out to 600 yards


- HCD - Angle Compensation


Tripod Mount


- Online Average $299



Much like the above model, the Ranger 1300 is the updated version of the Ranger 1000. Again the main difference being a three hundred yard addition in ranging power, bringing the maximum ranging distance of the unit to 1300 yards with readings on deer now listed as out to 600 yards. Like the Ranger 1800, this unit also comes with three brightness settings for its red OLED display and features the HCD technology for providing angle compensated true horizontal ranges. Again while a carry case is included, so is a carry clip that can be mounted directly to either side of the unit or removed entirely; these options in addition to lanyard attachment points on the back of the unit allow for a wide variety of ways to carry this rangefinder in the field. Also of note, both the Ranger 1800 and 1300 have a tripod socket on the bottom of the unit, and when mounted to a tripod can aid the unit in ranging targets especially at extreme ranges where holding the unit steady is crucial.


Vortex Impact 850


Vortex Impact 850

- Black LCD Display


- Deer out to 400 Yards


- HCD - Angle Compensation




- Online Average $199


The entry level model into the Vortex rangefinder line, the Impact 850 can generally be found for under $200 yet still retains the HCD angle compensation feature of the higher end Ranger models. As the name implies max range under good conditions is 850 yards with this unit; while max range on deer is listed at 400 yards. This unit differs from the Ranger models in that it uses a black LCD display, and is not equipped for carry with a utility clip; however it does still come with a carry case. Like the other Vortex rangefinder models; the Impact 850 is a 6x magnification, runs on one CR2 battery, and is waterproof. Finally, like the Ranger series, the Impact 850 also features a scan mode which is nice for ranging moving targets or quickly verifying you are ranging the right target and not the foreground or background.




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